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Boutique Firm
Big Results
Union Square Strategic is not a typical government relations or business consulting firm.

We focus on the intersection of business and government, creating opportunities that align with business objectives to drive revenue and position your organization as an industry leader.

We are nimble and possesses the ability to shift course at a moment’s notice.

We counsel our clients to be proactive and foresee the reactive, always look two-steps ahead and connect the dots between public and private sector.
Deep Bench of
We understand that business is at the core of every problem and, as a full service firm, we are dedicated to ensuring client’s goals, both short and long-term, are achieved.

Our principals have experience ranging from business executives to senior legislative staff in Congress to policy and procurement in federal agencies to serving in the Executive Office of the President to logistics for Air Force One.

Our network is strong, our relationships deep.
A Customized
We bring a unique skill set to our clients.

Our specialized service offerings are focused on the full life-cycle of activities associated with successfully growing a business. We realize each client is unique; we tailor and create a Scope of Work that fits the specific needs of each client.

We assist in the definition of goals and objectives, develop the plans needed to accomplish desired outcomes, and work to secure results for both specific projects and broad programs.

Bottom line: Union Square Strategic drives results.
We believe that many different service offerings can impact an organization’s growth. Therefore, we include all our service offerings into every engagement to help clients stand out from the crowd.

We believe in blending the tactical and strategic and tie our tasks to a comprehensive market plan understanding that a rifle-shot approach is a way of the past.

When a client’s need is on one specific service offering, we provide ancillary services to create additional opportunity that builds a pipeline, often times in new verticals, and impacts an organization’s bottom line.
Our circle of services all have overlapping reach
and together the sum is greater than the parts.
Government Relations Management Consulting Federal Marketing Global Advisory Business Acceleration Public Affairs Strategic Philanthropy Social Media
Government Relations
Union Square Strategic utilizes our deep network of relationships to create Government Relations campaigns that fit the specific needs of each client.  Yes, every client is different and we assist in the definition of goals and objectives, develop the plans needed to accomplish desired outcomes, and work to secure funding for both specific projects and broad programs.  We assist with grant applications, draft congressional testimony and legislative language, serve as a liaison to both Members of Congress and agency officials, and protect clients’ programs proactively.

In fact, Union Square Strategic takes a different approach to Government Relations. Whether it’s an issues-based campaign, building relationships, or a policy initiative, congressional liaison should always be tied to business goals and objectives and not carried out in a vacuum.  Establishing day-to-day contact with a client’s congressional delegation is an essential part of any Government Relations strategy…but it’s only the beginning. We work to develop a broad strategy that forges new relationships, strengthens existing relationships, and educates all applicable stakeholders on Capitol Hill and beyond.

We understand that most organizations have in-house GR teams and we work seamlessly to augment those teams. We serve as a resource to the overall team and have the ability and expertise to work with members of Congress, their staffs, key authorizing committees, and officials at the federal departments and agencies collaboratively on a client’s behalf.  In all cases, we are always mindful of a client’s priorities and ensure that they are aligned with business goals and objectives.

Why us you ask? Well, we understand clients’ unique situations and vibrant culture and tailor an approach aligned with their needs, goals, and objectives. One size does not fit all and our advocacy on behalf of clients’ is always focused on attacking a client’s challenges head-on.
Management Consulting
Union Square Strategic is a boutique consulting firm and strategic partner for business success.   Our services provide organizations with sustainable results in critical business areas including sales, marketing, technology, strategy, and operations.  From strategy development through tactical execution, Union Square Strategic provides clients with the tools, experience, and guidance necessary to achieve goals across a range of industries and markets.

Sales and Marketing
Union Square Strategic provides clients with right sized solutions based on organizational needs.  Whether your organization requires high-level identification of strategic sales and marketing direction or tactical level support closing sales, Union Square Strategic provides services targeted to your needs.  Proposal development, grant writing, sales consulting, lead identification, organizational profile development, branding, and presentation development are just a few of the dozens of sales and marketing activities impacting organizations daily activities.  As a boutique consulting firm Union Square Strategic has the ability to meet changing needs and the experience to guide a full-scale sales and marketing program.

Union Square Strategic provides clients with the support to solve complex operational challenges and unique critical challenges that distract organizations from their necessary focus.  From revenue stabilization to organizational efficiency, Union Square Strategic tailors a plan to guide the identification of challenges, recommendations for resolution, implementation activities, and results assessments.  With experience supporting organizations that range from startup’s to multinational businesses and government organizations Union Square Strategic provides client partners with lasting operations results.

Union Square Strategic offers clients a boutique solution to assist with identification, selection, and price negotiation for technology solutions.  Our team members draw from past experiences to help organizations identify technology needs, create requirements documents, write statements of work, evaluate solutions, and guide negotiations to ensure our client partners acquire the right technology solutions at competitive prices.

Union Square Strategic focuses our strategy solutions around the same concepts that have helped to establish and grow our boutique consultancy.  Set a goal to guide your vision and ensure there are measurable steps along the path to achieving it.  From increasing revenue and profitability, to entering new vertical markets, and enhancing horizontal solutions all business strategy requires the ability to balance vision and desire with action and awareness.  Our approach provides organizational leaders with the counter balance necessary to support their leadership styles and organizational needs.
Federal Marketing
Some classify it as federal business development but, in reality, it’s not that simple. Federal Marketing focuses on the strategic positioning rather that the one-time sale of a product or service to the government. Therefore, Union Square Strategic focuses on both the near-term opportunity while simultaneously positioning clients for sustained success with one goal in mind…build a robust federal pipeline and establish the client as a vendor of choice.

One of Union Square Strategic’s assets is our extensive network of congressional and Federal agency relationships.  By tapping into this network, clients substantially improve their relationship with the Federal government and their chances of sustained success. We understand the need to fully leverage the congressional oversight process in support of business outcomes.  In particular, Federal Marketing and Government Relations go hand-in-hand and a blended approach is the key to success. It is important to develop champions on Capitol Hill and utilize budgetary information coming out of the congressional oversight process to strengthen a client’s chance of securing federal contracts.

In short, we are uniquely qualified to help companies grow their federal business.  We have extensive experience helping companies with little or no federal business develop and execute successful government marketing strategies.  We provide clients with the tools and services needed to be successful in the federal arena by leveraging congressional decision-making in support of procurement outcomes, while building a robust pipeline and positioning organizations for success today and into the future.
Global Advisory
With technological advancements, today’s world is a rapidly changing marketplace. Union Square Strategic leverage the knowledge and skills across our global network to provides technical consulting and business development services designed to help your organization grow faster and compete stronger. Our team has on the ground/in-country technical expertise, deep industry insights and global relationships to get the job done.

Our technical consulting services focus mainly on the power and telecommunications sectors, economic development, education, public/private partnerships, food security, monitoring and evaluation, and public relations.  Our business development services include, but are not limited to industry intelligence, introductory services, sales and sales brokerage.  Our team conducts fact-finding missions and feasibility studies on behalf of clients, which include donor organizations, NGOs, government agencies, and private companies.

We have an extensive network of government, private sector, NGO, and donor relationships throughout the world which we leverage on behalf of our clients.  Our knowledge of and insight in the Middle East is unparalleled thanks to our partners who collectively have over 50 years of experience in international development and commerce in the region.
Business Acceleration
Union Square Strategic offers Business Acceleration Services to create a dynamic environment of entrepreneur-driven innovation in the areas of homeland security, energy, health and  wellness as well as the commercialization of technology-based products and services. Our Business Acceleration services enable companies to move quickly through their lifecycle. From an initial idea to business formation, proof of concept, marketability and commercialization, our team can integrate in all stages of start-up development. Our specialization includes access to funding, patent monetization, business development, Federal Small Business Innovative Research Grants,  and forging channel partner relationships.

The emphasis of our Business Acceleration services is on rapid growth, while providing a quasi-management team of C-level executives. The goal being to help sort out organizational, operational, and strategic difficulties that may be an impediment to growth. We classify our services as business advisory services focused on small and medium- sized organizations with the goal of expanding their markets.

In short, we understand that some companies face obstacles in growing their businesses and our team of seasoned executives can collaboratively work with an organization’s management team to straighten out their journey towards adulthood.
Public Affairs
Utilizing skills gained in the public relations, strategic communication, and government relations fields, Union Square Strategic’s Public Affairs focus is a blend of services focused on getting the right message out to the right audience. Whether the focus is on educating a segment of the government, the business community or responding to a crisis, we follow a strong communications plan with a mature message. We believe this approach is integral to ensuring the appropriate government officials and the public understand the issues facing clients. We assist in identifying and reaching out to these potential allies with the intent of using their voice, in the media, to successfully position a client.

We begin crafting any strategic communications plan by identifying the clear goals of the campaign, including policy, financial, public identification, etc. Through this discussion, we identify the targets for a campaign, and the messages that resonate best with each specific audience. We understand that targets may include the public, policymakers, opinion makers, amongst others and that each target will inevitably respond differently to a message; we will anticipate that by having appropriate messengers available to respond. For each target we lay out a specific strategy that identifies the necessary means of getting their attention through the media, a strategy that could include a social media campaign, stories in targeted media, or direct contact with constituents.

In short, we constantly monitor the political and legislative dynamic in Washington, D.C. We also understand that crisis management is important to identify problems and provide solutions quickly. We work proactively to gather intelligence on crisis situations early enough to take appropriate action, especially against threats to a client’s mission. Why be blindsided and reactive to a crisis…we understand the importance of identifying a crisis early, addressing the issue and facing it head on before it impacts a client’s bottom line.  Our preemptive approach enables client’s to focus on the core goals and objectives of their business.
Strategic Philanthropy
Strategic philanthropy is a unique and powerful way to combine marketing goals with a desire to increase corporate well-being.  Union Square Strategic views strategic philanthropy as positioning that connects clients’ with a not-for-profit organization or specific cause. In turn, while you are being helpful and working for the common good in your community or across the globe, your business receives parallel benefits. Ultimately the benefits are tangible and include exposure, lead generation, etc., yet most importantly they can impact your bottom line.

At Union Square Strategic, we explore corporate giving strategies that can help generate goodwill and encourage foundations to promote your organization as a trusted partner. In short, we explore ways in which philanthropy can help your organization attain its goals and objectives, examine current giving programs as well as recommend new and approaches to more closely align your program with your overall business objectives.

In addition, in today’s funding climate, organizations are looking at varied funding streams for their products and services. Many offerings that align nicely with the federal government are also of interest to Philanthropic Foundations and help them carry out their mission. Union Square Strategic integrates Philanthropy into every engagement. First and foremost we aim to educate decision makers within targeted philanthropic entities about the value and capabilities of our clients. We conduct ongoing thorough analyses of relevant philanthropic investment strategies to identify opportunities for investment in a client’s solution within existing strategic plans, programs, pending requirements, or proposed pilot programs.  Lastly, we help client’s secure direct funding from philanthropic entities focused on providing solutions across the globe, in areas such as education, healthcare, preparedness and emergency response.
Social Media
Today, clients can utilize platforms in the social and digital marketplace to assist their efforts to communicate an issue with potential funders, donors, and constituents. Taking a full audit of your digital presence will enable us to assist in your growth online. Union Square Strategic can create the compelling images and messages that will achieve your goals.

Every opportunity you have to syndicate your content and increase your visibility is valuable. Your social media networks are just new channels for your brand’s voice and content. This is important because it simultaneously makes your issue easier to understand, more accessible to stakeholders, and makes you more familiar and recognizable when building champions. For example, a frequent Twitter user may hear about your issue for the first time only after stumbling upon it in a newsfeed. Or, an otherwise apathetic potential champion might become better acquainted with your campaign after seeing your presence on multiple networks.

Union Square Strategic can manage your social media presence, including your search engine results pages, the keywords that drive those results, your digital reputation, and other key attributes that drive interest online. The combination of effective digital management coupled with our experience of dealing directly with federal, state, and local governments are a competitive advantage that cannot be beat.
A Winning
Working at the intersection of business and government,
Union Square Strategic brings together:
Small to medium business
Federal Agencies
State and local
Community Organizations
To drive results for your organization.
We believe the quality of our work defines our reputation and therefore always strive for perfection. As a boutique firm we focus on the details. We affirm that no detail is too small, understanding that our work is an extension of our clients and can ultimately impact how they are viewed in Washington.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” — Henry Ford
We believe that professionalism is key to successfully building relationships. As a boutique firm we treat others how we want to be treated. We affirm that a friendly, professional approach conveys confidence in our clients’ solutions and better positions them for success in the federal arena.

“Whatever you are, be a good one.” — Abraham Lincoln
We believe that honesty is the best policy.  As a boutique firm in today’s political atmosphere, we must be above reproach. We affirm we will always represent our clients in a dignified and ethical manner and will strictly adhere to all federal rules and regulations pertaining to Congress, the federal agencies and business ethics.

“The supreme quality of leadership is integrity.” — Dwight Eisenhower
We believe that efficiency, without short-cuts, is the key to success. As a boutique firm we understand the federal government has a different approach. We affirm that we will utilize our understanding of the way Washington works to position our clients and tailor their solutions to meet the goals of the government in a succinct manner.

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” — John Wooden
We believe that results can be measured in many ways. As a boutique firm, we understand that clients want results. We affirm that we will explore all opportunities to drive results for our clients, looking for ways to navigate road-blocks and secure support from members of Congress and federal agencies.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” — Thomas A. Edison
We believe that being prepared translates into knowledge equals power. As a boutique firm we prepare for the unexpected. We affirm that we will prepare our clients for every meeting, call and interaction they may have, while anticipating potential road-blocks and surprises.

“Because if you're prepared and you know what it takes, it's not a risk. You just have to figure out how to get there. There is always a way to get there.” — Mark Cuban
Matthew D. Anthes
Founder and Managing Partner
Matthew Anthes is Founder and Managing Partner of Union Square Strategic. Mr. Anthes has spent over fifteen years as a consultant in the nation's capital providing strategic counsel and program execution to clients in a range of areas including public affairs, procurement and public policy. He has worked with many businesses, including start-ups and Fortune 100 companies, to achieve their public sector objectives and reach key stakeholders by assisting with issues management, defining strategy and message development.

Mr. Anthes provides clients with expertise in federal relations, government procurement, project development/business acceleration, and federal, state and local marketing with a focus on health care, education, energy, homeland security and information technology initiatives. Mr. Anthes assists clients with branding their public sector message and offers strategic guidance and tactical marketing assistance. He is also active in identifying, qualifying, and capturing federal funding.

Prior to founding Union Square Strategic, Mr. Anthes opened the Washington DC office of a Boston-based firm and served as Senior Vice President for four-plus years. In addition, he served as Director, Federal Affairs for eight years at Van Scoyoc Associates in Washington, DC.

Mr. Anthes began his career as an intern and then Special Assistant to the Clinton Administration’s Political Director, where he developed political landscape briefings for members of the Cabinet and served as a link between the Executive Office of the President and elected officials nationwide.

Mr. Anthes is involved in several other business ventures including foundation work, and health and wellness initiatives, where he is Co-Founder of Big Apple Juicery, a cold-pressed juice company that will launch in New York City in 2015.

Mr. Anthes is active in local politics. He has served as Chair of the Lee District Democratic Committee in Alexandria, Virginia and as a political appointee to the Fairfax County Citizen Corps Council in Virginia. Currently, he serves on several boards including the Homeland Security Foundation of America’s Board of Directors, Anthurium Solutions, N2 Global Solutions and Screening for Mental Health. He is a graduate of Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts and pursued graduate course work in public policy at Georgetown University.
Meg Lombardo
Managing Partner
Meg Lombardo is a Managing Partner with Union Square Strategic. Ms. Lombardo has spent fifteen years as a consultant in the Washington DC area providing management consulting expertise focused in the areas of Information Technology, Acquisition, Policy Development, and Strategic Planning. Ms. Lombardo works closely with numerous federal government and commercial clients to help them achieve their business objectives.

Ms. Lombardo also provides clients with expertise in federal proposal development, government procurement, large program management planning/execution and federal marketing with a focus on information technology and acquisition reform initiatives. Ms. Lombardo assists clients with branding their public sector message and offers strategic guidance and tactical marketing assistance.

Prior to joining Union Square Strategic, Ms. Lombardo was a leader within Deloitte Consulting’s Federal Government practice where she provided strategic guidance, system implementation expertise and acquisition guidance to key Federal Government clients, with a focus on Department of Defense customers. In addition, Ms. Lombardo successfully founded and operated a small business providing consulting and advisory services to both commercial and federal customers. Ms. Lombardo has also held various management consulting positions at KPMG and BearingPoint, where she focused on implementing Federal Information Technology reform.

Ms. Lombardo’s unique skill set marries experiences and expertise that she has gained from serving in leadership roles at large consulting organizations with those gathered as a small business owner. Her blend of management consulting skills and through understanding of the Federal Government landscape allow her to navigate complex issues and relationships and quickly drive to tangible and sustainable results.

Ms. Lombardo is active in several local leadership organizations to include the Junior Friends of the Campagna Center, Women in Defense and Executive Women in Government. She is a graduate of American University.
Susan Farley
Susan is principal of the New York City office of Union Square Strategic. She has spent over twenty years as an investor relations and public relations consultant specializing in a wide variety of complex issues focusing particularly on the associated communications challenges.

Her most recent work including development of a communications programme that both enabled and encouraged US Federal Government Office of Customs and Immigration, Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada to recognize victims of Canada Scoops placed in USA. Susan often collaborates with legal professionals, and appointed and elected politicians in USA and abroad.

Susan is a graduate and active alumni of New York University, and active in several downtown NYC civic and cultural organizations.
Ian Friedman
As a Principal in Union Square Strategic Ian Friedman focuses on corporate, federal, state and local health and wellness initiatives.

Mr. Friedman’s background is diverse and begins as Corporate Executive Chef for Upsilon Ventures in New York City, where he has worked with high profile clients such as Bank of America, Dream Works, Lu Lu Lemon as well as financial services companies and iconic entertainment figures throughout the world.

Mr. Friedman is a member of the James Beard Foundation and an advocate for Slow Food International opposing fast food and promoting the heritage, traditions and culture of food. Through his consultancy, Mr. Friedman provides menu development, conceptual design and administrative services in Belgium, Tobago, Bermuda, Miami, Connecticut and New York City. Mr. Friedman recently completed the design of the new kitchen for events at the New Freedom tower in NYC.

Mr. Friedman Began his professional career at The Occidental Executive Dining room in 1992 working under world renowned chef Chef Jeffery Bueben in Washington DC. He gained notoriety and opened a seasonal venture in Beach Haven, New Jersey called The Sage. Mr. Friedman then moved to the Island of Bermuda to run the kitchen at The Barracuda Grill in Hamilton.

After the birth of his two daughters Mr. Friedman realized the importance of nutrition in schools and the importance of sustainability thus beginning a new chapter in his professional career with a focus on health and wellness consultancy.

Mr. Friedman’s focus on the importance of wellness and nutrition began with the design of menus for schools in Bermuda and New York. Toward that end, he is Co-Founder of Big Apple Juicery, a cold-pressed juice company that will launch in New York City in 2015.

Mr. Friedman has been featured on the Food Network and Healthy Living Network. He is currently pitching a reality TV series titled, “recipe for Disaster” and begins a weekly radio show called “Table Talk” on Dash Satellite radio in March 2015.
Doug Grossinger
As a Principal in Union Square Strategic Mr. Grossinger brings a unique high level multi-disciplinary background of leadership in both law and business, leveraging his long term management and project development of a range of significant law and business initiatives.

Initially an attorney in New York City in the 1980s and 1990s, Doug worked as national coordinating counsel representing multi-nationals. Thereafter on the business side, he has decades of extensive senior C-level executive experience in growing businesses and successfully managing complex projects development both throughout the US and internationally in a number of industry sectors in Latin America, Eastern Europe and other areas.

As head of the Hypertechnology business acceleration initiatives, Mr. Grossinger has specialized in developing and managing Thought Leader level teams in accelerating and growing businesses leveraging his 30+ year execution in a diverse breadth of industries.

Mr. Grossinger is also an expert on the business side of many facets of the law industry, and over the years has managed and driven significant growth of businesses and projects, partnering with law firms and law services providers. He is Executive Director of In The House, a membership organization with 17,000+ attorneys where the business drives a range of law-business services into the in-house and law firms legal communities.

His diverse background also includes active work, since the 1980s, in network sports television working for CBS Sports and other networks in production of NFL Football, PGA Tour and other sports, which he has leveraged in managing a team partnering with well-known professional athletes and media in the development of sports projects and events as platforms to driving corporate business development. Mr. Grossinger received his BA from Lehigh University, and JD law degree from Cornell Law School.
David VanAssche
Mr. David VanAssche is a Principal at Union Square Strategic. Mr. VanAssche serves as Team Lead for Defense Initiatives and works across various issue areas to drive business opportunities for clients in the defense, federal, state and local markets.

In his role, Mr. VanAssche focuses on expanding client’s solutions within the federal government with a strong focus on DoD, in particular military installations the world over. Mr. VanAssche focuses most of his time leveraging his high-level network by securing federal grants and contracts within the Defense and Homeland Security arenas. He drives results working with speed and accuracy at the Secretary-level within the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Department of Energy and NASA.

Prior to joining Union Square Strategic, Mr. VanAssche served 27 years in the United States Air Force with his last assignment being at Andrews AFB, MD where he directly served the President of the United States as the Chief Mission Director of Air Force One. He served in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom, Iraq during Operation Desert Storm, Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield and Panama during Operation Just Cause.

Mr. VanAssche has extensive knowledge in the United States Department of Defense in acquisitions and logistics, systems engineering, subsystems engineering, and program management. Mr. VanAssche received a Master of Business Administration in Purchasing, Procurement, Acquisitions, and Contract Management from the Naval Postgraduate School and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management from Park University.
Vanessa Ferrelli
Senior Advisor
Vanessa Ferrelli is a Senior Advisor for Union Square Strategic. Ms. Ferrelli has spent over fifteen years building businesses, assisting brands to effectively utilize digital platforms, and consulting in a range of industries. She provides advisement on a range of issues in the digital space including branding, strategy, execution, and media management. She has worked with many businesses and individuals in unique markets including Grumman Studios, a famed movie studio in New York, as well as the late Bobby Womack, during his final tour.

Ms. Ferrelli provides clients with expertise in digital and social, matching the numerous online platforms with clients’ and executing creative strategies to find product market fit and sustain a competitive edge. Ms. Ferrelli has also assisted solopreneurs and brick & mortar companies with understanding the digital landscape, preparing for an online web or product launch, and creating targeted branding campaigns. She is able to identify cross-promotional opportunities and build relationships in multiple sectors. In addition to her ongoing relationship with Union Square Strategic, Ms. Ferrelli is Founder of myEPK Media, a creative marketing company based in Boca Raton, Florida and manages talent through her own brand VFM, Vanessa Ferrelli Management.

Ms. Ferrelli is involved in several other business ventures and also participates in charity work, and as a passionate polo player, she is a consultant for the legendary ‘Bethpage Polo at the Park’, which takes place in New York every summer. She successfully engaged the United States Polo Association as a Title Sponsor at Bethpage State Park and produced the brand video that played in New York’s Penn Station for Jordache.

Beyond being actively committed to growing equestrian sports in the United States, Ms. Ferrelli is also an investor and incubator for local businesses and politics. She attended SUNY College at Old Westbury, New York for Political Science, Economics, Law, and Marketing.
Oswaldo Palomo
Senior Advisor
Ozzie Palomo serves as a Senior Advisor to Union Square Strategic. In addition, Ozzie is currently the Senior Vice President at ADS Ventures, where he leads the federal affairs team in Boston and in Washington D.C.

With over 10 years of government relations and public policy experience, Ozzie specializes in devising and executing advocacy strategies for clients in a bipartisan manner before Congress and Federal Government Agencies.

Ozzie has worked with small businesses, start-ups and publicly traded companies in the defense, education, environmental and financial services sectors offering guidance and clarity on legislative and regulatory affairs. He has also worked closely with several non-profit clients by providing counsel on how federal policies may impact their respective missions.

Earlier in his career, Ozzie spent several years on Capitol Hill as a Legislative Assistant to a former senior member of the House Appropriations Committee. On Capitol Hill, Ozzie handled a wide-ranging legislative portfolio advising on policy and funding issues pertaining to education, energy, environment, commerce/trade, financial services, foreign affairs, small business, technology, and transportation.

Remaining active in politics, Ozzie has served on several state and congressional national finance committees. Born in Costa Rica and fluent in Spanish, Ozzie earned his B.A. from James Madison University with a major in Political Science and Modern Foreign Language, and a minor in History.
Anna Suarez
Senior Advisor
Anna Suarez serves as a Senior Advisor to Union Square Strategic. In addition, she is Principal of Trivium Consulting, a Federal Grants Specialist and Strategic Partner with Union Square Strategic.

Anna has over twenty years of experience in federal grant consulting for universities, school districts, for-profit corporations, and a wide-range of non-profit organizations within various federal agencies, including the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Department of Education (DoEd).

Ms. Suarez offers her clients specialized support in designing, writing, implementing and monitoring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) initiatives. Anna takes a forward-looking approach in matching clients’ goals and capabilities with existing and upcoming federal grant programs. She provides assistance in all aspects of the proposal development process: analyzing and understanding client competitiveness, interpreting guidelines, helping clients build good relationships with federal agency officers.

Prior to establishing her own consulting company nine years ago, Anna was an Associate Vice President of the Implementation Group, Inc. (TIG). During her three-year tenure at TIG, Anna provided consulting services to profit and non-profit organizations, universities, school systems and other organizations in science and mathematics education and research improvement. Anna spent several years at the National Science Foundation (NSF) as a Program Director in the Division of Research and Learning where she worked extensively with Teacher Enhancement projects.
Steven Youssef
Senior Advisor
Steven Youssef serves as a Senior Advisor to Union Square Strategic. He has over 14 years of International Development experience across the Middle East, Africa and Asia, with a specialty in economic development, education, public/private partnerships and overall program management. Mr. Youssef has implemented and managed hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of U.S. Agency for International Development and other donor funded programs since 1999 in over 25 countries worldwide.

Mr. Youssef is currently a co-founder and Director of Business Development for Global Development Associates, LLC – a Washington, D.C. based consulting firm with a specific focus on the Middle East. Formed in 2010, Global Development Associates, LLC provides technical consulting and business development services across a wide range of sectors including power and telecommunications, economic development, education, public/private partnerships, food security, monitoring and evaluation and public relations.

Prior to co-founding Global Development Associates, LLC, Mr. Youssef served as Senior Project Manager for USAID’s Tatweer program, a $340M capacity building program in Iraq. In addition, Mr. Youssef served as Chief of Party and Country Director based in Amman, Jordan for a cooperative agreement with the Jordanian Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. Mr. Youssef was also formerly the Director of Middle East sales for Scholastic, Inc., responsible for sales across all channels in over 22 countries in the region.

Mr. Youssef spent most of his early years growing up overseas in a U.S. diplomat household, living in 5 countries and attending 9 schools prior to university. Mr. Youssef is a graduate of Cairo American College in Cairo, Egypt, and James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He is a native Arabic speaker and an avid fisherman.
Raouf Youssef
Senior Advisor
Raouf Youssef serves as a Senior Advisor to Union Square Strategic. He is a 34 year veteran of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), having served in 5 overseas missions and several regional missions. While at USAID, Mr. Youssef managed the power and telecommunications portfolio ($1.6B) in Egypt, and led the effort to privatize the telecommunications sector and commercialize the power sector in Egypt.

Mr. Youssef served as Mission Director for USAID/Lebanon from 2002 to 2008, and was also acting Deputy Chief of Mission during the war of 2006. Mr. Youssef retired from USAID as Senior Development Counselor for Regional Donor Partnerships in early 2010. He was also called to serve on the CENTCOM joint strategic assessment team for the Middle East, covering Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, West Bank/Gaza, and Jordan in 2008/9.

Mr. Youssef is currently a co-founder and the Managing Partner of Global Development Associates, LLC. - a Washington, D.C. based consulting firm with a specific focus on the Middle East. Formed in 2010, Global Development Associates, LLC provides technical consulting and business development services across a wide range of sectors including power and telecommunications, economic development, education, public/private partnerships, food security, monitoring and evaluation and public relations.
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